Thank you for your interest in my music!
I want to work with you to create the best musical experience possible. Composing music is my passion, but I realize that writing the music is only the first step on the journey towards artistic success. It takes inspiration, collaboration, and planning to make a residency really take flight.

Why a composer residency?
A composer residency can be an amazing opportunity for your ensemble to capitalize on performing contemporary music. The performance of a new piece presents unique challenges, to be sure. But it also is an exceptional occasion that opens up a wealth of possibilities, including the opportunity to interact with a living composer. Whether or not you already perform a lot of new music, I can be the catalyst in making the connection among your performers, audience, students, board, and staff.

In many ways a composer-in-residence is uniquely suited to this task. There is a good balance between being a special outsider while spending enough time in the community to become familiar. As a composer, I bring a different, often unseen, face to the process of music creation, which leads to new ways of perceiving the music. This will not be business as usual!

Proven experience
My successes are demonstrated and varied. I have worked with top professional orchestras and conductors, university groups, youth symphonies and high schools. I understand that each residency is unique and must be considered appropriately.

My diverse background includes a master’s degree in composition from Juilliard, orchestra management training from the League of American Orchestras, multiple Meet The Composer residencies and a thriving New York-based arts consulting business.

I am equally comfortable on the podium, at the piano, at the conference table, or at the university lectern. Some of my activities in previous residencies included giving media interviews, leading audience discussions, teaching masterclasses, presenting at board meetings, and conducting performances of my work.

Our collaboration
I am not interested in a cookie-cutter approach to residencies. Whether our collaboration is for one day, one week or one year, we will work together to understand your ensemble’s unique strengths and goals.

Together, we will develop strategies to ensure a successful residency and inspiring performances. Our successful endeavor will involve superior musicmaking, careful planning, and a mix of time-honored methods and new approaches.

I strongly believe that the future of music depends on increased engagement among the music creators, performers, and listeners. To that end, I will be your musical ambassador. We will work to create a truly enriching experience from the first stroke of the pen to the last note of the performance.

Get in touch
Drop me a line today to get started. I am so excited to begin our musical collaboration!