“Philip Rothman represents the highest level of professionalism in engraving and musical preparation.”

—Tobias Picker, composer

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Philip with composer and conductor Anton Coppola, reviewing the engraved score to Sacco and Vanzetti prior to publication

Professional services
Philip is owner and principal of NYC Music Services, a New York-based music preparation firm with more than fifteen years of experience preparing quality materials for professional clients in the music industry. NYCMS produces music notation using the latest versions of the Finale and Sibelius programs, and MIDI realizations with Logic Studio.

Working with a network of industry professionals worldwide to meet the demands of any project, materials prepared by NYC Music Services have recently appeared on the music stands at The Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, The Newman Scoring Stage at Twentieth Century Fox Studios, Abbey Road Studios in London, and the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, just to name a few.

Services can include any of the following:
  • Score and part preparation from a handwritten score, computer generated score, or MIDI file
  • Score cleanup and part extraction for scores created in Finale or Sibelius format.
  • Transpositions of existing music
  • Music transcription and arranging
  • File translations (i.e., from Finale to Sibelius)
  • PDF creation of score and parts for printing at your location
  • In-house printing, binding and stapling with express shipping to your location

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Orchestration for film and television

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(CBS FIlms)

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The Beaver
(Summit Entertainment)

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(Focus Features)

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Faces of America

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The Nanny Diaries

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Phil Spector

Stacks Image 614

Reaching for the Moon
(LC Barreto Productions)

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Ray Donovan

Stacks Image 658

Remember Me
(Summit Entertainment)

Stacks Image 670

Sin Nombre
(Focus Features)

Stacks Image 675

Teddy: In His Own Words

Stacks Image 680

Taking Chance

Stacks Image 686

Too Big to Fail

Stacks Image 691

What Just Happened

Stacks Image 696

You Don't Know Jack

Stacks Image 701

Won't Back Down
(20th Century Fox)

Stacks Image 707

The Face of Love
(Mockingbird/IFC Films)

Stacks Image 712

A Promise
(Fidélité Films, Scope Pictures)

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Good Fortune
(Dog Green/PBS)

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Once Upon a Forest
(Bonne Pioche/Wild Touch)

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