“As project director and creative advisor for both rounds of the Ford Made in America project, Philip's dynamic and innovative leadership has been critically important to the success of this major commissioning program.”

—Joseph Schwantner, composer

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Philip provides an array of consulting services, specializing in solutions for arts and non-profit organizations, with experience and expertise in the following areas:
  • Project design
  • Logistics and planning
  • Grant writing
  • Financial analysis
  • Governance work
Philip is an alumnus of Rice University and Juilliard, as well as the League of the American Orchestras’ highly selective Orchestra Management Fellowship Program. Before starting his own full-time business, Philip held the position of Director of Grantmaking Programs at the American Music Center.


Consulting philosophy
Philip speaks with KWAX-FM in Eugene, OR about the balance between creative and business work and how being a composer informs his passion for consulting work:

Rothman on KWAX-FM
Tool kit
Download the Ford Made in America Tool Kit, a 100-page guide for orchestras involved in this commissioning program, created by Philip Rothman, project director and creative advisor. Topics include education, promotion and performance activities.
Connect with Philip and view his public profile on LinkedIn